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2.5 (SOLID) 450/750V


Additional Information:
Weight: 3.00 Kg (Approx.)
Length: 90 meters
Color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Black/Green
Brand: Allied Cables


Unleash the power of the 2.5 (SOLID) Electrical Wire by Allied Cables, designed for exceptional performance at 450/750V. This wire is your reliable partner for a myriad of electrical applications, ensuring superior quality and affordability with unbeatable wire and cable prices in Pakistan.

Crafted with durability at its core, this electrical wire is engineered to withstand the challenges of electrical installations. Its seamless operation at 450/750V makes it adaptable to various voltage requirements. With colors ranging from vibrant red, yellow, blue, black, to green, organizing and identifying your wiring system becomes effortless.

Committed to upholding global standards, Allied Cables meticulously manufactures each 2.5 (SOLID) Electrical Wire. Rigorous testing procedures guarantee unmatched quality, safety, and durability, ensuring consistent performance in diverse environments.

With an ample length of 90 meters, this electrical wire caters to projects of all sizes, serving the needs of homeowners, contractors, and electricians alike. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Allied Cables offers the best wire and cable prices in Pakistan for our 2.5 (SOLID) Electrical Wire, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Upgrade your electrical systems with the dependable performance of the 2.5 (SOLID) Electrical Wire from Allied Cables. Shop now and experience the reliability and durability that our products are renowned for, all at an exceptional value.