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3/0.029 250/440V


Additional Information:
Weight: 2.15 Kg (Approx.)
Length: 90 meters
Color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Black/Green
Brand: Allied Cables


Introducing the dynamic 3/29 Copper Wire, a premium choice for your electrical projects. Crafted for optimal performance, this copper wire brings reliability and versatility to the forefront. Ideal for a range of applications, from residential setups to commercial ventures.

Embrace the vibrant spectrum of colors – Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, and Green – allowing you to organize your wiring with both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The 3/29 Copper Wire, with its solid construction, ensures durability and reliability in demanding electrical installations.

Adhering to global standards, this copper wire undergoes rigorous testing for optimal performance and resilience in various conditions, making it a benchmark for quality in the industry. With a length of 90 meters, it provides the flexibility needed for projects of all sizes.

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